As you may know, most property insurance policies do not cover your home or business for the peril of flood. With the increasing occurrence of flood events over the past few years, this protection has never been more vital. At SFI Group, Inc, We have a full staff of insurance agents with extensive experience writing flood insurance for many types of properties. We have full access to the National Flood Insurance Program.

For those properties located in a Coastal Barrier Resource area, we have worked with companies to be able to write flood insurance on the private market. We can obtain flood insurance for you when it is not available from NFIP. Coastal Barrier Resource or COBRA zones are not eligible for federal flood insurance. Additionally, there are some areas which are designated as Otherwise Protected Areas or OPA’s where federal flood insurance is not available. Finally, there are some communities which do not participate in the National Flood Insurance Program.

At SFI Group, Inc, we can write flood insurance for you in many cases when your property is not eligible for federal flood insurance. Click on our subcategories to learn more about this important topic.

2012 NFIP Reform Act (PDF)
2013 FEMA Flood Manual (PDF)
The National Flood Insurance Program Community Status Book
Lowest Floor Guide (PDF)
Storm Surge Overview

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