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Flood Insurance Manual (PDF)
Grandfathering Rules (PDF)
Flood Claims Handbook (PDF)
Dwelling Flood Policy (PDF)
Flood Ins Basics (PDF)
Summary of Flood Coverage (PDF)

2007 Guide to Mandatory Purchase Requirement (PDF)
Flood Insurance Guidance to Lenders (PDF)
Flood Insurance vs Disaster Assistance (PDF)
Lowest Floor Guide (PDF)
FEMA NFIP Definitions

The National Flood Insurance Program is administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The flood policies authorized under this directive are written by various carriers throughout the United States. The rates for flood insurance do not vary from company to company. Therefore it is imperative you find an insurance agent who actually knows what they are doing when writing a flood insurance policy.

The agents at SFI Group have received extensive training on the ins and outs of “federal flood insurance”. Our agents are intimately familiar with the various rules that pertain to assigning the proper rate classification to your flood insurance policy. The knowledgeable SFI Group staff has extensive experience writing flood insurance under the grandfathering rules. We will work for you to develop the lowest rate possible for your flood insurance. Let us take the hassle out of your flood insurance purchase. We can write flood insurance for the NFIP in all 50 states.

Start the process today and let SFI Group show you how a trained insurance professional can truly make a difference!

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