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If you think your ATV is insured under your homeowner’s policy, you may be in for a big surprise!!!

While it may be true that homeowner’s insurance can extend to cover your ATV in some circumstances; typically, when you take that ATV away from your residence, the coverage stops. There is a clause in the homeowner’s insurance form that extends coverage to “motorized conveyances used to service the insured premises.” That coverage stops when you take the ATV away from the insured premises.

If you trailer your ATV anywhere, your homeowner’s insurance may not cover you for liability or property damage to your ATV. The only way to make sure you are covered properly is a special ATV insurance policy written by an experienced insurance professional, like our agents at SFI Group.

Call one of our agents today to discuss this important limitation of the homeowner’s insurance policy or submit your quote request via our online submission form. It’s quick and easy! One of our agents will respond to your inquiry before the end of the next business day!

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